Sleeping Girls

You would think that Kathleen would be the better sleeper by now. Nope! Samantha is starting to sleep through a good portion of the night now. Maybe waking up once a night. Where as it takes me about an hour to get Kathleen down, then she's up shortly there after and then can wake up once or twice a night.

Samantha is doing so well. She's starting to look around at everything, she's all smiles, and she's unfortunately going to be a thumb sucker if I can't keep her pacifiier in her mouth. Which she tends to spit out. Whenever I hear her trying to suck on her thumb I promptly find the pacifier and stick in several times before she decides okay it'll work. She slurps on her thumb because she hasn't learned to straigten it out. Though I think she's slowly figuring it out.

Samantha is all smiles with Kathleen comes near and close to her face. She likes her big sister, which is a very good thing. As much of a pain it's going to be with two mobile toddlers, I can't wait for Samantha to start sitting and crawling and walking so she can play better with Kathleen. Kathleen still points out little kids but the excitement level has gone down, I think she's realized she has someone to play with now.

Mommy took the girls outside for the first time this summer a while back. We didn't stay long because the yard still has dangerous areas and part of it you can't see, so I have to leave one of the girls alone while I chase the other or care for the littlest one. It's difficult to do while I'm home alone. Not to mention the grass grows so fast and with the rain the past few days the back yard is now again like a jungle. So we won't be playing outside for a while.

On another note, my folks will be in town on Monday and I'm so looking forward to having them here. I'm planning a small bbq on the 4th, nothing extravagant, just my folks, shea's folks and the four of us. I'll be making steak and chicken, but tonight I'm trying to cook the same exact steaks for our anniversary as a trial run. Hopefully it'll go well. I've never been real good at cooking steaks.

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