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This month has been good to me. I have finished one Freelancing Project for Age of Legends, LLC, with another smaller project for them potentially going to happen. Mind 2 Eye Studio's owner contacted me she's looking to redo her website to match her new business card, I don't know if this means she got married or not but it's good for me either way. And I was showing off my personal portfolio page at DM for a critique on the design to get a few artistic points of view and people who actually know how to critique for the most part and I got a potential client from that. I'm pretty sure I've got the job, the details are just being worked out and such.

I've started writing Cari's background story into a new world. You can check it out at's site. I want a few more readers than just my friends for that. My goal is to write 500 words Monday thru Thursday and if I can the rest of the week. So far I'm on targer for the past two days. Monday was not happening as I had a killer headache.

Speaking of which I'm tracking my headaches again. I think I'm going to start tracking the weather/pressure as well to see if there is some sort of link with my headaches. I've not started tracking pressure yet, that requires me to make a new set up for tracking things, so I'll probably do that this weekend.

The girls are doing well. Samantha is growing fast, she's starting to roll over and she's a very happy baby and a thumb sucker. I find it funny that Kathleen never did find her thumb and hardly used a pacifer, and Samatha uses her thumb to fall asleep almost all the time. It was the pacifier until she found her thumb, but now that she's done that she doesn't like the pacifier.

Both Kel and Nat are pregnant, I'm happy for them both, particularly Nat and Den they've been trying so long.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015