Graphic Design

I don't qualify myself as a good graphic designer. I can manipulate photos and make simple shapes and things. One of my clients wanted something complex. I'm glad they settled for my meager graphic design abilities. While it's not what I would consider a peice of art, it is nice, has the functionality that the client wants.

I am still tweaking the dev page but the function is there even if it doesn't go anywhere, and chances are it won't until I move it to their server. Which won't be till I'm done with the information site. The good thing here is that I can use the base of the splash page as the navigation for the information page. It should work out pretty nice I hope.

Means alot less graphic work for me yay! Now that I've got the majority of it done.

I however cannot work more today as my child decided to trash my house while I was working so now I have to clean up a bit before Shea gets home.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015