Headache Diary Program

Well I got part of the program working finally. I can finally track headaches through windows including getting the xml file from the web and saving everything in the database. The hurdle I'm trying to get through now is the weather tracking log. My program ran for the past few hours where it is suppose to save weather data at 6am/pm and 12am/pm but it didn't so now I have to figure out what I did wrong. I think I know and I'm testing that now.

The test didn't work, so now I have to figure out how to do that. Maybe the book I read will help as it updated weather but I think it connected all the time I only want to record data every 6 hours, I guess every hour is doable, but I really don't want a huge database full of weather data particularly when I'm not having headaches then lol. So back to the drawing board there.

*edit* Well it wasn't back to the drawing board. It helps when you actually enable the timer lol.

After I test the 6 hour timer I'll be able to move forward into some of the other things I want to include but first I will test for exceptions and stuff to make sure that when the internet is not connected we don't crash.

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