Diagnosis: Migraines

Well, it would seem I have migraines and other headaches too, but migraines are the really bad ones. Doctor gave me Imatrix to try on the bad ones, well I had one yesterday. I'd had a sinus headache all day, pretty bad, but nothing worth taking meds for, it definately wasn't incapacitating. About time I sat down to eat dinner I could feel my headache change to the right side and my stomach started to get queasy, so I took the pill he'd given me and waited, it got worse, alot worse as predicted. I eventually had to try throwing up and using head-on, they helped on a miniute level but it was enough for the pill to do it's job. The headache was pretty much gone in an hour and a half, those headaches don't usually respond to anything but sleep and then sometimes not even that.

I hate having headaches all the time, but at least I know have it on very good faith that it is a migraine I'm dealing with. We will see how well it works on the next one and if I have a lot of them. I shouldn't have more than 4 migraines a week, we'll see. Though from my tracking I've only had 3 really bad incapacitating headaches over the past 3 months, not counting yesterdays, that was an odd occurance too, it happened 2 days after the last one. Which is way atypical for that.

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