Chicken Enchilladas

3 Tbsp Country Crock Light Margarine
2 tsp onion powder
2 garlic cloves minced
2 cooked boneless skinless chicken breasts shredded
1 cup 2% milk
10 oz of tomato sauce
2 tsp cumin
3 tsp chili powder
1 cup low fat cheese
10 fajita size flour tortillas

-Preheat oven to 375
-melt 1 Tbsp margarine in skillet add garlic, sauté lightly
-add shredded chicken
-melt 2 Tbsp margarine in sauce pan, add flour - make a roux
-add milk slowly whisking out all lumps
-add tomato sauce, and seasonings
-add 3/4 c of sauce to chicken mixture
-add 1/4 c cheese to chicken mixture
-coat 13x8 baking dish with cooking spray
-divide the chicken mixture among the 10 flour tortillas, roll tortilla tight and place in dish
-spread remainder of sauce over tortilla rolls
-add cheese over top
-bake 20 mins at 375 until cheese is melted and sauce is bubbly

In order to keep the bottom of the tortillas getting too crispy and then tough to cut is to pour the remainder of the tomato sauce from your 16 oz can and add a little of the sauce you've made to the bottom before putting the tortilla rolls down.

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