That time of year again

Well it's that time of year again when I miss my family the most. All I can do is make the best of it with me, Shea and the girlies. Only bad thing is Shea's family is having to deal with his granny's increasing health problems, so it's going to throw a whole dampner on the holiday season.

We had originally planned to visit at Thanksgiving but Shea ate up all his vacation days so we moved it to Christmas, but now we've canceled that for safety reasons. If it were just Shea and I, I wouldn't have said we weren't coming, but it's not safe with the girls to drive up there, so we are planning to head up in July. Though I might try for Easter, not sure if I can wait that long. Though the longer the better and the more time we have to save to get there with no problems.

So not only am I depressed about the family thing, but the money situation is bothering me again. Gotta love it when the holidays put a cramp on the budget. That and the fact that we need a new washer *sighs*. The only good thing is I've got some clients. One's flaking on me so I'm about ready to cancel the stuff I purchased for the site. I'm giving that another week or two before I do that. Three have paid in full and the money has been helpful for the bills. One of them paid for the new washer mostly, only had to take out 50 from this weeks pay check to pay for it. Hopefully it'll last.

I have two from HWS that will be paying decent. 110 and 100 but 25% of that I need to put aside for tax purposes just in case we need to pay for it. I have a feeling this year we aren't getting a refund. Though we will have Samantha's birth on this one so that's great! I'm thinking about picking up two projects for HWS see how I can manage that, the house, the girls and my free time obligations and wants.

I'm thinking we might get a real Christmas tree this year, but I dunno, I think it would be money better spent on a fake one that we can use again next year. I'm gonna put up a three on or right after Thanksgiving. I really hope it'll lift my spirits. I also need to plan a birthday party for Kathleen. Nothing extravagant, but something. It'll be a small party, mostly just Shea's immediate family, maybe his Aunts and probably the only cousin Kathleen's age. Samantha's party in March will include Claire and her family as her little one will be about 3 months then. She may or may not have the little one for Kathleen's birthday as she's do the same day I was. We'll see.

On another up note, Shea's son and his girlfriend are hopefully coming home for Christmas, barring anything bad with his Great Grandmother he'll be down then, if not he'll be down before. So we will hopefully have the whole family here for at least one Christmas, and he'll actually get to meet his littlest sister.

I love my girls. They are growing so quickly. Samantha still isn't sitting up by herself, but I think alot of that is self-defense. The longer she needs support the longer sissy can't pick on her too much. She did however roll over today all by herself. Got stuck on her arm, but she did it all by herself. No help from sissy or a lopsided pillow.

Kathleen is having an issue with eating lately, Shea thinks it stems from Sammi's feeding habits now. Mommy feed Sammi with a spoon and Kathleen has to feed herself. So last time I ate with Kathleen and Samantha. Sat at a card table and fed Sam and ate with Kathleen and ate myself what Kathleen didn't pick out of my plate lol.

I can't wait for Turkey Day, tho I think I'm going to have to have my own Turkey Day the day before, as I'm sure we'll be with Shea's family having sea food lol. Not that I don't like seafood but I miss the Turkey. Another one of those things I miss most.

It's really strange cause most of my friends cant' stand their families or at most tolerates them. Shea's the same way. I'm miserable with out mine at Holidays. In some weird way I'm really hoping a hurricane will wipe the house out so we can move back home. And yes, it will always be home, it's not the same for me down here. Sure love the weather, love my inlaws, but it's not the same.

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