Mostly done

I have a few more Christmas presents to buy. Shea needs to decide how to spend his dollars he got from my parents. And I need to get something for his parents, but other than that my shopping is done.

The biggest thing though is I have to plan Kahtleen's birthday party. She didn't have a one year down here last year as things just didn't work out, she had a party at my parents on her birthday so that was good.

Shea wants to go out somewhere I'm thinking a party at home with family and a few of the little family members is all that we need, cake and ice-cream and let her play in the play room. She'll have the swing set outside if it's nice, maybe if Shea sets it up before it. One can only hope. I think I've got some of the items to get her for her birthday, still need a little more as I need to buy for Mom and Dad too since they forgot to include anything for her in the packages they sent her. I fell bad about calling them and asking, I wasn't fishing for presents for her, but I just wanted to make sure when I got the packages that her birthday presents didn't go under the tree. I really don't want her birthday to get lost in Christmas.

I still need to buy a tree, the mice ate the one from last year so I need to buy another. I'm thinking small again this year, make it easier for us to keep little fingers and mouths off of things (including diamonds). Though it can't go in the play pen this year as we are using it to block the unfinished closet where Shea's tools are right now.

I have alot on my mind and on my plate. I'm very much looking forward to break time with Shea. It will be a good relaxing time for us all.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015