Sleeping in the same room

For the past two nights the girls have been sleeping in the same room. Thursday night we moved Sam into the girls bedroom and there wasn't a very big protest. Kathleen said no no no at first, I think she thought it was for her, but when she realized it was for sissy she didn't seem so bothered.

The first night Kathleen and Samantha were put to bed at 7:30pm. That didn't work well. I tried to feed Sam in there but Kathleen wanted me to rock her too, so that didn't go well, halfway through the feeding I put them both in their bed. Kathleen ended up climbing into Samantha's crib. At about 8:00pm, I pulled them both out of bed and we waited half an hour to try again. By this time they were both dead. I put Kathleen to bed first with her bottle and feed Samantha in the living room while we finished the movie. Samantha fell asleep so I put her in the bedroom.

They woke up with their usual schedules but didn't wake each other up.

So the next night proceeded the same way, Kathleen in bed first then Samantha after she ate. So far we are doing great!

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