Christmas Eve was eventful for me. I was bad this year and didn't wrap my presents before hand so I tried to put the girls down at 7:30 as usual. Well that didn't go well. Kathleen fussed for about 30 mins, so did Samantha. nothing I could do could comfort both of them. So I gave Sam to Shea and he dealt with her while I held and rocked Kathleen for a little while. Finally was able to lay her down with a bottle and she was out. I then had to fight more with Samantha to get her to eat and go to sleep. So by 9pm they were in bed. *sighs* it wasn't fun.

Then I had to pick up the living room so that when Shea's parents came it wasn't a disaster area as usual. I had to wrap the presents, which also meant I had to sort presents so I knew where things were when they woke up. I decided not to wrap the swings as the box was huge, I just put them under the tree.

So far things have gone over pretty well. They were both up at 7am, needless to say Mommy is exhausted. I didn't get to bed till midnight, and the girls woke up several times during the night. And I didn't fall asleep right away, the normal I want Christmas to come. Not for me but for the girls. I can't wait for them to open up their presents.

And the wait was worth it. We set up the video camera for my parents to watch while they opened their gifts. It was cool. Sam and Joyce came in near the beginning. Kathleen absolutely adores the little counting piggie bank Gram T bought her. She loved the Doodlebop DVD, she's watched part of it then got bored with the TV. She loves her keyboard topper from Santa. And I'd bet we'd be outside on the swing if she could.

They both got much needed clothes. I've been waiting to see what Mom bought them before buying more for Kathleen, she's in dire need of clothes that fit well. Thankfully she has some to get her buy till we get some extra cash.

Shea got an IOU and some John Wayne DVDs. We got some books that will help with the diet and some. I got some flannel pants, a fleece blanket and my zune, which is syncing up right now. It's really cool. I love it, hopefully it sounds good.

We got some chocolate and that's about the extent of our events. Samantha got toys for her age, rattles and teethers mostly.

Oh yeah, they both got a stuffed animal. Kathleen got an orange tabby cat and Samantha got a monkey. They are adorable. These were both from Gram T.

We still have one more round of presents to go through and next Saturday for Kathleen's birthday party. Lots of fun!

I love Christmas, I miss my family but this was pretty good. We even had Christmas eve dinner cause I had to cook the turkey that we'd bought for Shea's family Christmas, but we had a change of plans so I had to get rid of it. It was good. I also baked off the bread that I had bought for thanksgiving and didn't get to make. It was good!

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