Oh what a wonderful day we had to day. We went to the doctor and we had a panic attack.

Kids are fine, they have either the flu or some other cold but it seems to breaking and if it's the flu there isn't anything they can really do about it.

And so the tale begins...

Mommy takes both of the girls into the bedroom to change their diapers. Kathleen's already removed hers and wants a pullup back on, that mam was nice enough to give us another package of. Yay! Mommy proceeds to change the little one on our bed. Kathleen runs into the bathroom yelling potty potty. Mommy tells Kathleen no, and the door shuts. Mommy finishes with Samantha and moves over to the door to find that lo and behold the bathroom door is LOCKED. Panic!!!!

Now where did I put that key. I know it's on my desk somewhere. Quick search can't find it. Go back in and see if Kathleen will unlock the door herself. Nope, go back to searching. Can't find it. Found another key but it didn't work. Went to the kitchen in hopes that one of the sets in the cupboard will open it, I know it's a long shot as those are the front and back door keys. I was right didn't open.

By now Kathleen's screaming. I search my desk again. Find the keys. Check our bedroom door, yep it works, check the laundry room door, yep it works, now the bathroom. CRAP! it doesn't work. Now I need to tell you that when we bought these door knobs we bought them so they would work with one key on all three doors. I had the f'ing key but it wouldn't open.

I call Shea's Mom to see if his dad is around town, figuring he'd be a good help to help me think, he wasn't but she comes here from work to help with Sam and comfort Kathleen through the door while I panic for a way in. After she got here I went and grabbed the ladder, it would allow access to the window if there wasn't a screen. I call Shea at work he wasn't handy so I had to wait for him to get there. He calls back as I'm staring in the window trying to figure a way in. He says to rip the screen, with that go ahead I get the pry bar and work on it. I finally get the screen open enough that I can put a hand it, it won't budge, as I'm sitting there notice that the latches are sticking out, I go find a latch to see which way is locked. The ones in the bedroom indicate it's not locked so I go back out and rip the screen completely apart and push up with both hands. And wham it's open.

Now the window is about 5 feet off the ground, no real way in at least not head first. I try to go in feet first but the window isn't big enough for me to turn around in with on one holding the ladder. So I try a different method. Kathleen's crying and looking up at me and I just have to get her out. Thankfully she was tall enough, I was able to grab her hands and she scaled the wall and out we went through the window. She clung to my neck like there was no tomorrow, so naked baby and me walk back into the house.

Drama over but geez my body doesn't think so. I still feel anxious I guess is the word, but she's safe, door is still locked, Shea and I will deal with it when he gets home, thank god for three bathrooms in this house!

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Published on September 30, 2015

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