Applying for Jobs

Well it's come that time again to consider moving. Shea has given me the all okay if we move if we can swing it financially to move to New York. What this means is that one or both of us need jobs someplace near my parents until we can sell this place as we will be staying with them as we will never be able to afford rent and mortgage or two mortgages. My parents have already agreed to let us stay with them. And they had previously offered to help us move.

While I love the weather here I miss my family terribly I will deal with the snow if I get to see my parents and the rest of the family more often. So right now we are looking for jobs, until one or both of us lands said job we will be staying her in Mississippi. So here's to hoping we can find something I really would like to move.

I'm sending my resume to New York Central and have sent two other resumes off in the past hour to companies in Rome. So we will wait and see. Today has been a busy personal day, no design work done, but that's usually how my days go anyway. One day working hard, the next day I work on something else to go back to the project I was working on.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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