One call back

Well I applied for a job Sunday or Monday I forget which, and today I got a call back.

Site-Seeker, Inc - they specialize in internet marketing, seo, website development and Web Analytics. My only short coming I see for this is that I don't know well. I know C, C++ I've been dabbling in C#. I guess it's time to start learning .net cause even as I look at jobs I see alot of .net stuff. With Visual Studio Express I can start learning, now I just need to find a server to test on - preferably a free one, at least for now.

The guy I called back said I should expect an email sometime this week if I'll be notified for an interview. So this is a good start to a semi-bad week. Hopefully they can do a phone interview first and if they like me then we can consider a real life interview.

We'll see.

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