, C# and vB

It seems I need to succumb to the devil - Microsoft that is. A good number of the web jobs I've found require you to know ASP,, c# or vB. So considering that is where I want to go I am going to start learning it myself. Thankfully I don't have to shell out thousands of dollars to buy Visual Studio as they offer an Express Edition that should do for my learning purposes. However I am considering an online course that could help me. But that's 800 bucks that I don't have to spend. Yes the benefits would be better, but the funds are highly important at this time for us, so changes of me doing that are pretty slim.

I had an awesome thought, and I know I'm being overly optimistic, but what if the company that is "interested" likes me enough to say, we'll pay you while you are in MS to learn .net. Then I would have reason to spend the money, and the time to do so. That way by the time we were capable of moving up there I wouldn't need to learn more than how the company works to do so. Two months? Do I think I could learn C# in that? If I didn't have the girls taking up a majority of my time sure. Even spending 4 hours a day on it I think I could complete it. The course host school recommends 5 hours a week and it's doable to complete in 6 months. So figuring about 4 weeks a month, that's 20 hours a month, so that would be approximately 100 hours to course completion. So if I could logically work 4 hours a day it would take me 25 days to complete. Saying I could do it only three days a week when Shea was home that comes down to 8 weeks and 2 days approximately so yeah two months give or take. Doable yes. And I'm pretty sure I can pull a few other hours out of the days that I wasn't counting on 4 hours. A few hours here a few hours there, and it's self paced. So that would be really cool... but highly unlikely I'd get that offer. So here I go to learning on my own.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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