Interivew follow up

We still have cable as I had to finalize one project with Heritage. And after I get my invoice back from them I will be ready to turn off cable. But the idea here is to follow up on how the interview went.

The guy called me yesterday to reschedule. Three people called in sick and he had to play catch up. So no problem we rescheduled for today.

It's a start up company since 2003. So not so new. I don't mind small, particularly if they are looking for employee's pretty much means they aren't going to go out of business in the overly near future. And I was right on their focus, they are primarily marketing and SEO. Not necessarily things I'm great at, but willing to learn. However they were looking for developers so that is what I do. My biggest strength is being able to pick up languages quickly, a fast learner. My weaknesses for them is that I don't know Willing to learn, but I also have another weakness in graphic design. Yes I can do simple and with enough time more elaborate stuff, but it takes me alot more time and effort to do that. They did ask about the time frame of moving and stuff, and it's really dependent on if the job is worth the pain of moving now.

They will get back to me next week or the week after if they will do a follow up interview. I think it went well. The girls pretty much behaved themselves. Though I'm not sure I'm exactly what they are looking for. We'll see, the jobs been out there since Feb 22 according to Not too long that they are desperate, but to hear back in a week, well that's promising I hope. Their ad says 30 to 50K a year based on experience. Here's to hoping.

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