No luck

As I had expected they wanted someone with more .net experience. I don't have that. BUT they did ask me if I was interested in an Internet Marketing job, which I'm not really. Since I said not really to that question they did ask if they could keep my resume on. Of Course. And when I get a bit more .net experience I can email them an updated resume to let them know I've got some experience. The only problem with that is actually getting real experience and not learning on my own. But we'll see maybe I can work a project I would normally do for php in .net. Only problem with that though is that I don't have a server to put the stuff up on. I can test it on my PC but that's about it. I'm hesitant to install IIS on my pc. One I don't know if it will interfere with WAMP set up I have for my own testing of php on my system for when things are offline or when I don't feel like updating a billion times to the net.

Ah well. But this ends the job search for now. We are going to try and straighten things up here, cable going off and all that stuff soon.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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