Busy Weekends

The last few weekends have been extremely busy for us. Last weekend we had a busy Sunday. Homecoming at the church Shea grew up going to was that weekend. We went to church ate lunch then went to his folks house. At 4pm Shea's only neice had her graduation party, she's graduating Highschool. So we went there for a few hours then came home with exhausted little girls.

This weekend was her actual graduation ceremony. So we drove to Southeaster Lousiana University for her ceremony and stayed the night. Needless to say that no one got much sleep. Sammi doesn't like sleeping in strange places everytime she'd wake up, she'd scream and wake her us all up. Kitkat loved it cause she got to sleep with mommy all night, other than her sister screaming she'd probably have slept the best she has in many many moons.

Sammi didn't sleep well last night but she did sleep. Kitkat slept most of the night dispite having to actually get her to sleep last night.

We are thinking about getting Kitkat a fish tank. Shea's oldest brother has a 20 gallon fish tank and a nice chest/cabinent for it to go on. It saves us some money that's for sure. She really likes fish. And I think having her own would be good. I would have to clean it and feed them etc. But I think I'm willing to do it if she would like her fish. My biggest fear is that we will kill the fish, so I think we will go with cheap goldfish at first to make sure we can do it. I'm sure we'll have to get a few other fish like an algae eater to help with the cleaning of the tank and all, but hearty and easy to care for fish should be our first. Maybe after I've gotten better at it we can get different kinds of fish. We'll see.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015