Cable Back Soon

Shea's been working overtime since cable's been turned off. We are pretty sure as long as he continues to work overtime at least one day a month (we hope more than that) that we can afford to put cable tv and the internet back in the house.

So with in the next few weeks to maximum of a month, we should have cable back. But before you say oh yeah she'll be around more, that won't necessarily be the case. There are things that I will not be returning to full time. To name a few is DM, AoD, and getting on icq or msn. I will check like I have been lately, do some rping, but it won't be like I was. My girls are far more important and my house being in some kind of order as well.

I may or may not start back up my freelancing on a local/personal basis. I know I've a few things I need to do once I can get back on the net from my PC. And I know one client is looking for some changes so I will probably go ahead with that.

So hopefully soon we'll be back to some degree. The TV will be the biggest plus, to have real tv again!!

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Published on September 30, 2015

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