Tractor Tipping

With the fact that we only get like 5 channels and only a few of them actually come in clear Kathleen has fallen in love with some of our Disney DVDs. Right now we flop back and forth between Finding Nemo and Cars. Or Fish and Cars as they are called in our house right now. Sometimes she watches Little Mermaid or Aristocats, the Lion King and a few others she's liked like Toy Story and Whinne the Pooh.

Anyway, we watch Cars alot, and one of the scenes is when Mater and Lightning McQueen go Tractor Tipping. Kathleen will come up to me and say Silly on. She giggles at the tractors falling over and even more when Lightning gets them all to tip over. She's so funny.

She's getting so many words under her belt now. She's starting to copy what we say, this is not good, thankfully Shea's not gamming right now so the swear words are limited around the house.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015