Vacation Over

My parents left a few days ago from their visit with us. We accomplished alot of things and still did nothing. My mother is a workaholic so she never sat still for long. Thankfully she mostly played with the girls, but she did keep my house clean and we got all the icky spots out of the office carpet, thanks to my mother. I love her to death but wish she wouldn't work so hard on her vacation.

We also got Diamond bathed and some flea preventative on her so hopefully we'll see an uptick in Diamond's health. I'm worried about her, but she does seem to be doing much better. Still thin as a rail, but we'll deal with that one step at a time. I still wonder if half of it's because she's scrtached off her fur, but hopefully that will all grow back now. Oh yah, more shedding.

While I am glad that things have gotten back to normal, I do miss my parents greatly. We are still looking to move, and one of the locations is of course by my parents. Basically I've a very broad web design search going - Pascagoula, Mobile, Pensacola and Utica. To get a job down here would require a decent enough pay for us to put the girls in daycare AND pay for gas on top of adding funds to the budget. To move to Utica area it requries some assistance with moving as well as good enough pay for travel until we find a house near the job. It also means we have to sell this house, which is going to be a slow process. Either which way there are a lot of variables while the girls are not in school.

While my parents were here we talked about two different vactions. When the girls are 4/5 years old we want to take them to Disney World. My parents said they had thought about that and maybe even inviting us (meaning Shea and I, the girls were the reason they were going lol). We also talked about going to Colorado. It has been 17 years since I've been to Colorado. I didn't get to go to when my dad and Mig went back to get our things when we moved up here. I didn't get to go when there was a wedding or a funeral (think it was a wedding) because I was in college and classes had already started, Mig got to go. I've not been back there since we moved. Though I have seen Grandma three times - our first Christmas she came out, my graduation and Mig's wedding. I've seen Aunt Vicki once at Mig's wedding but I hear from her on a semi-monthly basis which is cool. Mom and I talked about things like we had to go into the mountains, it's a given to see Dad's cousin, we were close with them, but I really just want to show Shea what a real mountain looks like, he thinks the hills of Edmeston are mountains lol.

Maybe one day we'll get to do both. Right now funds don't allow it but maybe someday soon. I really need a job to help with this but the daycare and the gas prices right now really don't cater to that. I'd have to make as much money or more than Shea to actually afford it. So we pray for a good job until then we struggle, at least we are making it now though. I worry less during the month but the end of the month always brings in those omg feelings.

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