Stellar Arcana

One of my clients has sent me an email telling me about a project she's been working on. It's a comic book called Stellar Arcana.

Here is an excerpt from the site:

Carpenter Kane, the renowned adventurer and anthropologist, is searching for lost alien civilizations. He travels from planet to planet seeking out clues to the great mystery of why humans seem to be alone in the galaxy.

The year is 2307. Humanity has spread throughout the cosmos, and has settled on many planets; some of which have evidence of prior civilizations, but no sign of present life. Carpenter Kane is exploring these ruins in hopes that he will unlock the mysteries they hold inside, to learn about these former cultures, and to find out how humanity might avoid the same fate they met.

To accomplish this, he will have to use his knowledge of the ancient civilizations to avoid traps left by them, creatures that still live on the planets, and fellow human beings, such as corporate barons who want to build on top of the ruins, and secret organizations that want to steal the technologies left by these more advanced races for their own gains.

Carpenter has help from his stout friend Little Jo Jo, who has a dark past as a criminal in one of the most infamous gangs in the galaxy. His connections in the underworld, and his skills with a gun, equal Carpenter’s historical knowledge, and get them through many scrapes.

Each comic book issue will introduce a mystery to be solved both by Carpenter and you, the reader. Each riddle will take you one step closer to the great answer of what happened to all of the other civilizations in the galaxy, and whether humanity is next to vanish.

The types of mysteries will vary as Carpenter collects these treasures and studies them to help in his future quests. He will require occasional help from his ex-wife Mika, an archeology professor who gave up the life of an adventurer, and wishes Carpenter would, too.

Carpenter’s adventures will take him deep into underground caves, over treacherous mountains, through forgotten woods, and into the depths of space. He will explore unseen planets, and rediscover forgotten ones as he searches for the treasures and the answers of lost civilizations.

Stellar Arcana has a unique design for a comic book because it includes live characters merged with illustration, 3D models and/or live backgrounds and props. Steller Arcana has received good reviews from the distributers and the comic book store owners and a few fans while at Comic Con.

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