I have seen a remarkable improvement in Diamond in both appearance and attitude. Diamond actually comes out of the room now, and will play with the girls for a few miniutes. She tires of them quickly still and retreats to the safety of our room but she is doing much better.

I made a connection yesterday that may be why Diamond has lost so much weight and it might not be anything wrong with her other than what she does or doesn't eat. Diamond has eaten beniful for most of her life and when we switched I think it wasn't providing the same nutrients she needed or she just wasn't plain eating it well enough. I've been adding half a can of canned dog food to her dry food this past week and both Shea and I can see an improvement in her weight and look of her. So instead of going to the straight dry food but more expensive dog food I'm going to stick with the purina brand that is cheaper and add in half a can of canned dogfood mixed in. Price wise it comes out a little better or around the same, but it also insures she eats most of her food when I give it to her instead of it sitting around all day for the girls to play in thus making my kitchen a bigger disaster area.

I'm going to give Diamond another week or two on this new diet to see if she bulks back up and if she does then I won't buy the dewormer but if we still see an issue I probably will. I think I have found one that I don't need an Rx for and is relatively easy to give to her.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015