Only little things left

This weekend has been a busy one. Friday morning Shea got up and started working on the shop roof. His dad came around 7am, and then his oldest brother came by and started showing them both how to start the roof. Shea never really got it, but the shop is just a simple peak roof so they did it all themselves.

It got too hot Friday afternoon so they called it quits and started at 7am Saturday morning. Shea's little brother showed up to help on Saturday along with their father. They finished it.

So, now we only have to take down the sheet rock in the shop that is nasty and clean it up and it'll be usable again. We've only got little things left in the house, molding, ceiling fans etc, but all little stuff.

It's been what, 3 years since Katrina and we are just now finished with all the major projects. And it's the middle of hurricane season again. Watch all the work we just did go to waste!

While they were working on the roof the girls and I spent most of that time outside in the backyard with them. The girls played with the bubbles, sidewalk chalk, the kiddie pool and their swings, and bothered their Pawpaw lol. But all in all it was a very gorgeous day outside. 90 degrees with low humidity and low dew poin, absolutely gorgeous!!! For all you northern friends, you'd still think it was hot, but really for this time of year it was beautiful for us. We loved it. If Shea hadn't been so tired I would have wanted to take the girls to the park, but he was tired and sore.

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