Noticing a Bad Trend

I have been off of the pill for about 6 to 7 months since it doesn't fit into our monthly budget. We are "protecting" our selves in other less expensive ways. Insurance didn't cover it and it may cover it now, with a prior approval, though I don't know I could try and see if it's covered or not with my current Rx but I dunno. I'm not prepared to pay 31 bucks a month for it.

But the tend I've been noticing is that my cycle is getting longer and longer and longer as time goes one. This is probably EXACTLY how it happened and I never noticed when I was younger. This is highly annoying. I've been tracking the past four cycles to keep track of things and see if this is just fluctuation or something else going on. May's AF was 30 days after April's, 33 days for June, 37 days for July and I'm currently at 38 days for August.

I think I feel cramps which is usually the first sign it's right there, but I feel them for like weeks before now. This is not a good sign of anything to come. I really don't want to be on the pill all my life just to keep my body in sync. Because with the delays in the hormonal cycle my skin and hair are out of shots, skin is breaking out all over, hair is falling out excessively. I don't think this. After this cycle hits I really need to see the OB/GYN, but that costs money to go do and time which neither are in excess supply right now. As it is this Friday is going to be a killer day, our driver's licenses expire and we need to go deal with that stupid line with the girls since both of ours are expired this month. Yay, fun!

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