Potty Training & Sleeping

This coming up Monday I am going to tray a different tactic with Kathleen in the potty training department.

I have printed out four "potty train" charts. They are litteraly a train on tracks, to put stickers on. We won't be using stickers next week, maybe the following week I'll pick some up I didn't think about it today when I went out.

I think I'm going to try several different successes, some little some big so that she will have some small rewards and a large reward at the end.

The chart has 24 or 25 squares to put on stars. When she finishes a whole page of the chart I will let her choose from a set of cards with princess' and cars on them - two of her favorite things. She will be able to collect all 12 of them or duplicate if she wants to but the idea is they are disposable and will only cost me ink to print them out on (and the paper). This chart will record the times she actually goes potty in the potty.

The next chart I think I will use to represent the days that she stays dry all day long with no diapers (except at bed time). This will be tracked in two different ways, one to see how many days in a row she does it and how many times she does it (as there will be mistakes I'm sure).

A thrid chart will be used for actually pooping in the potty, we have yet to get this to happen at all yet, so it'll be our biggest hurdle.

A final chart will be a monthly calendar that will keep track of the days in a row she goes to the potty in with out making a mess. I have yet to decide on what a big prize will be, but I want something that she will want, a DVD maybe or something. But I have to talk with Shea about this. When she has stayed dry, pooped and peed in the potty for 4 weeks straight during the day we will reward her this big prize. And hope that it keeps up, we will continue the charting until she's doing it willingly.

It may not take that long but she's stubborn and I need to do something diapers are getting expensive. I don't think I have enough panties to last a week, but I should have enough to last at least two days. I have to find them all though.

As if potty training wasn't enough to deal with Kathleen's sleeping habits are becoming difficult on me. Currently she requires me to stay with her until she falls asleep, and since she shares a room with Sammi it makes things rather difficult to just let her cry herself to sleep, not to mention the fact that she can open the door to get out of her room. There are two options - one move Kathleen to her own room and two put a TV in their room. While the first is the cheapest for now it is not the best solution. If I do this Kathleen will be moved into the play room, which currently has no door on it but it has the tv already set up with dvd player. A bit of work would need to be done, the windows would need to be tinted (we have the stuff already), the room would need to be cleaned and the toys sorted out between Sammi's and Kitkat's so that they could be put in separate rooms.

BUT the biggest issue with that solution is that it's all the way across the other side of the house the farthest you could get from us. This is not ideal. But I think it's the best solution.

Though I think we will try the tv in their bedroom first. We have a DVD player we could use in there provided that we don't mount it to the wall like the one in the playroom. But that will set us back money we don't really have to spend.

I dunno what we are going to do but we need to do something.

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