Birthday and tired

Wonderful birthday today. As wonderful as it gets anyway. At least right now.

The girls are kinda behaving after a bad night of sleep problems for Kathleen.

Had a good birthday weekend tho. Shea and I went out to eat and saw the Dark Knight and came home to no kids. They stayed the night with their grandparents and went to church the next morning.

I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked but I got a good amount of rest. Though I'm still paying for Kitkat's sleepless nights. I am use to the up and down but not the stay up for hours fighting with her to go back to bed. We've not found any one thing that seems to be working. All I know is we have to do something I can't keep doing this as they fustrate me more and more everyday that I'm this tired.

Fun fun. But a good day it has been.

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