A Good Night and a busy day

Last night was a good night. Sammi went to bed at about 7:30 - 8:00 like usual. Kathleen and I watched some Foodnetwork until about 10pm where she fell asleep with me. I put her in her bed and she stayed, granted she was mostly asleep when I put her there. Samantha woke up once for a bottle, she was trying to get it half asleep, but it was wedged in the crib bars and empty, she throw a little fit cause I left with it but went back to sleep with out waking her sister up. yay! Kathleen woke up about 4:30-5 and came to stay in our bed and slept until about 8:15. Samantha woke up a little before 7 with a bottle she slept till 8 or so.

Today we had a lot of running around to do. We went to the bank to deposit our birthday checks. There we found out my name was not on the account. It was the last time I went there. It's the only account we use so it was a major concern for us. What had happened was when they entered my name into Shea's account as a joint holder they put my drivers lisense expiration in the joint account expiration instead of the place it was suppose to go specifically for it. So today when we tried to deposit it I had expired. Shea thinks it's a big joke now, keeps telling me I expired and giggling. "Happy Birthday, you expired!" lol.

Then we went to the DMV to renew our drivers lisences, were were #46 and #47. We got there at #25 *sighs*. Instead of waiting with the girls we went to the financing place to put the hosipital bills on the loan we currently had with them so that they were getting paid. Then we went and got fries and a drink. By the time we got back to the DMV we were ready to go up pretty soon. So we got that done.

We were suppose to go get Sammi's blood work done but they'd been through enough, so we'll do that this Friday and get her shots next Friday.

Yay for getting things done, but it wasn't a good day for the girls. I hope they nap well, and sleep tonight, they need a good rest. Tomorrow will be grocery day but that's normal.

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