Tuesday storm

Tuesday it look Gustav will be somewhere on the coast. Right now we are in the middle of it's path a little east of the center, so if it goes down the center we are in for the worst part of the storm.

So come this weekend we will be looking more towards what we need to do. Looks like we won't be going to our group meeting with friends this Saturday to save on the gas that we'll need to conserve until after the storm.

Shea's already starting to tie stuff down at work, and he may be sent home. THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!!! I have a house payment to make next week, and it's looking like I won't be able to make it. But we must be safe. If it's coming anywhere near us we will be heading north to Shea's folks house. I am not risking my girls on the off chance things will be okay. Nope, no way, no how. Even if Shea didn't want to I would take the girls. No way I'm leaving them in the hands of a storm a mile off the coast. Nope! Tropical Storm I could probably manage to live through, but a hurricane, nope. And Gustav is predicted to be a Cat 3 at least, a major hurricane!

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