Picking Locks and Storms

First the storm. Gustav came, and Gustav went. He only got us wet and a little windblown. Our house is fine, our backyard is a bog, but it always is when it rains. We did go to Shea's parents house and it was an interesting two days. Boring and tiring but it was safe. I think the girls enjoyed themselves.

Now to the first part of the title, picking locks. We have a guest bedroom, on this guest bedroom is a door that we keep locked to keep the girls and the dog from messing it up. Last night Shea locked it and about 20 mins ago I found both of the girls in it. I herded them out and locked it again. Two seconds later the door is open. Kathleen has figured out how to unlock said door.

Now mind you this door is not hard to unlock and anything can unlock it really but it's the fact that she's learned how to do it. You stick something stiff in the hole and your turn, that's all that is required to unlock the door. There is no key, there is nothing special about the door knob, but this means that we have to be extra careful now about that guest bedroom because she can get into it anytime she wants.

I will have to make sure all the christmas presents stay up high and out of sight I guess. Thankfully we only have one right now. But more will be coming in the future. I'm a very big advodate of gettng my shopping done way early. Like in time for thanksgiving early. But that's mostly habit and the way I was brought up. But we'll see. I do need to sit down and think about what is really something they need and if Kathleen is old enough to sit down and pick out her own. I think we will try, but I don't think she quite understands yet, but we will try.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015