So Tired

If you've been following me lately you've noticed I've talked alot about Kitkat's sleeping problems. With the hurricane and evacuation and the fact that Shea didn't have work all week we have a major hump to get over. Last night Sammi didn't go to bed until after 10pm (after Shea had gone to bed.) Kitkat didn't go to sleep until after 12am.

It being monday I had to wake up at 4am to fix Shea's lunch and lock the door behind him so they don't get out the front door. I then set my alarm for 7am. There was no way I was letting Kitkat sleep in late so we'd have another later night. Despite my trouble getting her down, and the fact that she slept in the bean bag on the floor of our bedroom she slept all night long. As did Sammi. Good accomplishment considering but not quite where things need to be.

Sammi was up at 6:45am so I got her out of bed, and I hung out at my pc till my alarm went off then woke up the other kiddo. They BOTH took a nap at 11:30am. Kathleen woke up about an hour later. Sammi woke up about 1.5 hours later because her sister opened the door and left it open. Now I'm hoping they both go down at 7:30pm but I doubt it. Kathleen is hard to get down if we aren't going to bed too. We'll see what Shea's up to then to see if we can do that.

I hate having to do this right now, but I'm too tired not to keep doing this. Maybe when I catch up on some sleep I can deal with the fustration of a poorly sleeping kid.

The only redeaming note in this is that I didn't sleep in my bedroom either around this age. But my parents taught me to sleep on the floor and not bother them. The biggest issue now-a-days is the monitor, my parents didn't have that. I'm still very nervous about not having that set up in their room. Maybe I would sleep better, but my paranoia takes over.

Ah well. We'll see how tonight goes.

BTW, Warhammer is awesome. Shea and I are playing on Kilborg with our guild Shady Lane on the destruction side. I'm playing either Alicatia or Alikatia. Shea'd be Amchosen or Amsham.

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