Gnomes or Kids??

We evacuated for gustav right? we took a few DVDs the girls would like to watch as long as there was power. I put them in a CD carrying case so I didn't have to find all the boxes and carry them around too. So now we've been home for more than a week and for the past several days we have been unable to locate all of the disks we had.

We have lost all her favorite movies, all of the disney dvd's etc.

I have moved the sofas, checked under the rugs and I think put all the junk from the floors in a pile (haven't sorted them yet) but I was watching what I was putting in the piles and still I see no sign of the dvds. Gnomes are either taking them, or the girls are very good at hiding them. Thing is though they were all here two days ago sitting on my desk and then Kathleen went through a spree of I want to watch this, now this, now this and I was busy so I let her do it. None of the DVDs made it back to me. So now we have nothing to watch.

Today it doesn't matter so much as Kathleen is going with out TV for pooring milk on it today.

I'm getting highly frustrated at this. Not only have the dvd's been misplaced but a ton of other things that are no longer where I put them. This is not good for me when I'm tired.

It's nap time now for Sammi...and she's being her typical bratty grump when it's time for nap lol. Time to put her to bed.

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