Computer Screwed!

Last night I noticed my PC was doing something, little lights blinking and all, so I shut it down, it took to long, fearful of a hacker I turned it off manually. BIG NO NO! Today I turned it on and couldn't start it even in safe mode. Great! I rumaged for start up disks couldn't find mine, but had the laptops, they were same edition windows so I used that, it worked!

Unfortunately I lost all my files. Thankfully all my photos are safely on a disk and at my parents house. I'm glad I did that when I did I lost no photos whatsoever! I lost tons of work and stock photos and brushes etc but the good thing is I start clean for Warhammer when it goes live. No background processes that aren't installed by default. Until I install my software anyway. But hopefully I can keep alot of that down to minimum working standards. Which is generally all I start with anyway. Though I won't have nearly as many games and I'll have to try syncing my Zune for my music but other than that no big loss everything is all safe and sound except business files, which really aren't that huge of a loss. I have most of it on a server already. I don't have source files and I think this will teach me to make client cds but we'll see. I didn't last time I lost data.

Anyway now I'm reformatting, reinstalling and taking care of my PC. Thankful we have a second pc on the net. I may have to get the laptop out later to do other stuff while I sit at my desk but we'll see. Shea's PC works just fine.

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