Sleeping Arrangements

Since moving Kitkat to her own room in the playroom with the tv we've had a few rough nights, but in the over all scheme of things we are doing great. Shea and I sleep alone most nights, we have a few bumps in the road but most of the time it's a quick snuggle then back to bed. We've had to do some arranging though.

We had the monitor in with Kitkat, but it really didn't alert me to her movements so I moved it back to Samantha's room, since she was sleeping better with the door closed so that let me hear her better. Kitkat comes into our room when she wakes up so it's all good.

Everyone is sleeping so much better, even to the point of Kitkat going to bed with out being told to. She asks for a bottle, wants a movie in, and to be wrapped up in her blankie and then she usually falls asleep. She is even taking naps in her bed. Not regularly but still her naps are no longer on the couch or bean bag.

This was a really good move, my only regret is that we did not do it sooner. We need curtains for the window they've peelled the tint off the top most window that they can reach, thankfully no one can look in that window unless they are in the tree outside. When there is extra cash we'll get some curtains to hang for her. I'm much happier, getting more sleep and so is she.

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