Too early?

Is it too early to finish my Christmas shopping. The girls aren't old enough to write Santa yet, and I'm really not sure that the whole list thing is necessarily a good idea. Considering I'm seriously thinking that Santa is only going to bring stockings for Christmas, the food, candy, little items that come in the stocking etc. And let all the real stuff come from us. I think it would ease the whole learning about Santa thing. But I dunno. They really don't care yet, but traditions need to start somewhere.

What I'm getting for the girls is all mapped out, it's all in stock online and I have the money right now to finish my Christmas shopping. Yesterday I took the girls to Walmart for the sole purpose of watching their reactions down the toy aisle. And my guesses were naturally right. Kathleen adored the Disney Car items and the Princess/Mermaid/Tinkerbell stuff. And they both liked the toys with buttons on them lol but that's typical for them.

They aren't getting alot of toys for Christmas. Two sets from us and a few sets from my parents. From their aunts and uncles I don't know but I'm pretty sure that Shea's folks will go with the suggestions and possibly a few other things of their own choices. I'm anal when it comes to Christmas, I have a list with links for almost all things that are on the kids wish list (mostly things that I think they would like or that they need for upcoming redecoration of their rooms.) But not sure they'll get them, I gave a list first year and no one really followed it lol, so we'll see.

But I'm ready to be done. The only things I've not done are decide upon little Shea and Sydney, my parents, Shea's parents and us. I'm pretty much trying to allocate the money my parents give us and Grams T to buy Shea a new camera lens for his film camera. But I still have all that money to decide what I want to do with it. It would have been nice to buy a new wardrobe with it, but I'm not at my target weight yet. Still have about ten pounds to lose, but I feel good about myself again. So I'm happy with where I'm at even though the scale says differently. Either that or I might buy me an external hard drive or a new video card (but we'll see how the gift video card does for me when Richi has time to install it for me).

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