Kids Done & Swing Set

I finished the Girls Christmas present shopping. I'm still working on a list for other people and for what I get to spend from my parents. I know what my Grandma is getting them, but with out the money I won't order it.

This last Friday Shea and I set up the swing set that we bought them LAST Christmas. It was missing one washer and nut, but Shea thinks he can get it at work so that should be fine, it's to one of the slide ladder steps. It works for now so that's good.

Today I took them outside, let them run around and play, then we came in for lunch and a bath, and now they are both taking a nap. For Sammi that's not unusual for Kitkat it is.

My goal is to take then out every morning before nap time and let them burn energy and maybe again in the afternoon if its not too hot. I am thankful we have good weather 90% of the time and they can play outside alot even in the middle of the winter.

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