Illuminations and Turkeys

First an advertisment: I am currently hosting and running a resource blog. It is for an organization at called the Illuminators. The Illuminators are the creative side of Dragonmount, from Traditional Arts to Graphical Arts, Writing and Music but just about anything that is a creative "work of art" is consider in the Illuminators. I read over 140 blogs daily and I've been wanting to share these articles with folks and this is the perfect way to do so.

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Now to the bulk of what I wanted to write about my second Turkey! The first turkey I did last thanksgiving at Shea's folks house. I just roasted a breast since it wasn't the main course, but this year they are having to not fry food so all the seafood for the most part is not getting down, nor the fried turkey. So his mom wants me to roast a turkey. I've only done this once before so I decided to buy two turkeys, one for us and one for Thanksgiving. I made our turkey this Sunday.

I had been thawing it out since last wednesday, but it still was frozen in peices so I put the turkey in cold water for 30 mins like paper suggested, and it worked wonderfully, turkey thawed out.

I put it on a bed of onions, carrots and celery and put in the cavity those three things and some minced garlic. I roasted the turkey for 3 hours covered and broiled it for 5 mins and then let it cook at 400 uncovered for an additional 15 mins to finish of browing with out burning it. The turkey was moist for the most part, and the best thing is it was DONE! I don't usually have good luck with bone in peices of anything, but it did wonderful. I will probably do the same thing as before except this time I will uncover it 30 mins before the 3 hours is up so that the turkey browns with out any extra cooking.

I am thankful I have a meat thermometer to use. It definitely made cooking the turkey much easier. Shea carved the turkey with our new electric knife, I don't like them things so he did it.

I want to put up my Christmas tree this week so I need to clean my house. Fun fun! The girls most definitely match their nick name: The Twin Tornados. Shea's started calling them F3 and F2 and together they are F5. But my house definitely looks like a tornado hit it, two to be exact lol.

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