Christmas the day after

Yesterday was a good day. We had to wake the girls up as Shea's folks were coming over earlier than I had anticipated. Kathleen only raised her head after Daddy told her that Santa had come. Everything else he had said resulted in an "ugh".

But first we must say that Kathleen slept in our room last night. Mostly out of fear of her waking up, and opening all the presents before it was time. She started out in the bean bag on the floor with her blankets but she woke up and since I was freezing I just let her in bed with me to keep me warm. However that resulted in me not sleeping well. But it was okay I lived cold and all.

We got up I set up the web cam, called my parents and the girls set to sitting in their bean bags, they got from Santa. And marching over the two step stools with hiddie hole drawer installed. We opened stockings and two DVDs were a hit. We've watched both already. They both loved their toy cameras and Kathleen is continually taking pictures today.

We opened up the bedroom stuff and clothes first, I knew once the toys were unleashed we'd never get through the rest of them. I had originally bought the entire Disney Cars play set for Kathleen and two Step 2 play sets for Samantha. We've since split up the Cars and given one set to either because Kathleen really wanted one of the play sets. I kinda figured that would happen anyway. The reason I hadn't done that originally was because all the Cars Kathleen likes weren't in the same package.

The biggest hit was once again Gramma T's gifts to the girls - The kitchen play set and additional food and cook stuff. They both really enjoyed it. They also received tinker toys and lincoln logs from Merma and Papa among some shirts that were a huge hit.

We hung around home until about 11:30 or so and then headed up to Shea's parents for the remainder of the day. Shea and his Dad had to go out and pick up his son. He broke down in the middle of no where with his pregnant fiancee with him. Oh the joys. When they got back we opened up presents. We gave the neices and nephews (and his son and girlfriend) a gift card and about $150 worth of my time each(for a custom made wordpress theme). I've set them all up space on my server for their very own website. It went over well I think. I'm going to send the parents an email again with additional information and to clarify what they can do. I also gave them as much freeware as I could so they could do their own learning, including a free ebook on how to code their own pages. So hopefully they'll take me up on the offer and/or learn themselves.

The girls got mostly clothes, but they did get the finishing off of their bedroom set - a lamp and curtains (however we have to take Kathleen's lamp back as it is not working.) They got two more DVD's both of which we have watched already as well. And Candy Land.

Kathleen also had one of three birthday parties, it was a simple cake and icecream deal with presents. She got a car sleeping set, clothes and shirt.

All in all we had a good day, Sam didn't get her nap and we had a crisis at bed time but it was a good day none-the-less.

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