Busy Days

It's been quite a few busy days. We just got back from Kathleen's birthday party. Two hours of four under four year olds. We started off with some playing and balloons. Fun was had. We then started some coloring and then presents and then cake and ice cream followed by a progressive game of chase which consisted of three little girls running around the living room in a circle.

We are now home, table and chairs put together again, assembled the train for the lego set and unboxed the keyboard. We now have a live concert going on lol. It's so cute.

We are on Day Three of No bottles and we seem to be moving along well. There may be a few bottles running around the house but they are not ones we've been using so they will just be trashed when they are found. Samantha is doing well. Kathleen still asks for a bottle and isn't drinking milk except for in her cereal. So we'll see how long it lasts with no milk. Bed times are going okay, Nap times seem to have vanished with the bottle, but Shea is home so that may be it too. We'll see when all goes back to normal.

My house still has not recovered from Christmas. Kathleen's birthday is tomorrow, we are having a final "party". Just the acknowledgment that it's her birthday with hopefully her brother being here. We have one final present for her to open and a card from Merma and Papa. We have left over cupcakes and ice cream that will finish our dinner of homemade mac and cheese (Kathleen's favorite and ONLY requested food).

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015