New Year Resolutions

Last year I set out to reach some goals. I didn't quite finalize any of them but I did manage to start most of them.

1. Minimize our debt

We are down two credit cards completely on January 15th. Only one left to pay, and then that will add in about $261 back into our budget.

2. Reach at least 136lbs by July 1. I’m shooting for 125 but not sure if I’ll be able to maintain that with out alot of exercise.

Well I never hit 136. I got down to 140 and have since them crept back up, but I know why and I will be working on that after the holiday/vacation splurge is over again.

3. Maintain at least 1 client per week with Heritage Web Solutions. Hoping to ramp up to three per week but not sure how doable that is.

I stopped working for Heritage in March when we turned off our cable. I have not gone back to them as I'm focusing more on the girls for now.

4. Learn something new, or get better at something I already know. Things on this list are: learning to draw, getting better with photoshop and illustrator graphics, learn flash, get a better handle on ajax.

About midyear I started learning jQuery. I love it. It's the only javascript I currently work on right now. It's very handy with ajax too.

5. Finish some personal projects: DR PSW Basic Database, Creating my own city for a World of Darkness campaign/story to write

I didn't finish any personal projects, started about 20 more as usual. The only real project that I did start and finish was Illuminations. A blog of links for the Illuminators at DM when I find an article that relates to something they would be interested in.

6. Potty Train Kathleen

We started but we are having some major issues. She just won't go, she can and will but not regularly.

7. Start playing with my girls in a more productive way for all of us.
8. Start some sort of exercise program for myself and the girls.

We set up their swing set and we played on it a bit this fall. But neither one of these actually went anywhere. I tried but things just didn't work out that well.

Next year I have more goals to reach.

1. Remove the final credit card from our budget and build my credit to a better score
2. Lose weight. 136 is still my goal, but exercise is going to be needed to reach it and maintain it. Now just to find a way to do this.
3. Learn something new or improve more of what I know - jQuery and AJAX or .net (C# variant)
4. Potty Train Kathleen!
5. Finish at least one personal project.
6. Finish my business website and begin writing weekly on it's blog.
7. Begin a "beginner" programming blog
8. Play daily with my girls with their lincoln logs, tinker toys or building blocks.
9. Color with the girls daily
10. Help Kathleen (and Samantha) learn her ABCs, colors and shapes.
11. Learn how to make yeast rolls

A bit more than last year, but also a bit more specific. We'll see how I do next year.

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