Slightly Disappointed

Shea's son was suppose to spend some time with us this holiday. While we did get to see him three times he didn't actually stay with us. I'm slightly disappointed but it's not all that unexpected. I feel bad that they only got to play with the girls for a few hours and more so for the girls, they are going to grow up with their brother being mostly a stranger to them. Life sucks sometimes.

It was good seeing them, and I hope that we'll get to see them and the baby this summer. But we'll have to see how funding goes, money is always tight and I'm hoping to save for it using a tax refund but you never know how much if any you will get. I only pray we will get some otherwise we are going to be in a very tight place come the beginning of this year.

All in all Christmas was good this year. I have only had one major break down, though I don't know how many I had last year or the year before, this year was better though, I don't long to go home like I did last year. Sure I miss my family but this year was better. Kathleen enjoyed Christmas, she understood, opened all hers and sissy's presents and we had a good time.

I resigned to combining Kathleen's birthday with Christmas this year at least partially and I'm okay with it. We had three birthdays for her. One on Christmas day with Shea's family, One on the 28th which was her real birthday party. The four little girls had a good time. And a very small on on her birthday mostly consisting of her brother's present and playing with him, which was nice.

Both of the girls will probably end up having three birthday parties for a while. The biggest reason being that when the little girls all get together they really don't play with each other because there are so many other people around and it's daunting. This small gathering of people which was all the little girls family and Shea's parents was a big hit and for two hours they had alot of fun. It took a bit to get warmed up but not nearly as long as it does when everyone else is around too. It was a good time. Sammi's birthday will probably be the same, except it's never going to be close together as we'll probably do hers with Shea's family on Easter since it's so close. But I really do think it's for the best.

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