Yay! no bottles

We had no bottles for over a week. Sam is doing great, Kat not so well. She still asks for one and she isn't drinking milk except in her cereal, but on the upside she is eating more.

Sammi has taken a turn of no naps which is concerning me because she still needs one but just won't go down. My first trial to get her to nap is to give her a big filling meal at lunch and then put her down. We had gumbo tonight at about 3 and at 4ish she napped. Not a good nap time when she needs to go to sleep tonight.

We will try that before I just let her play herself to sleep in her room. Thankfully she cannot open the doors yet.

Next hurdle with Kitkat is to get her to use the potty consistently. I know she can because she does it every so often. Gonna buy two new potty chairs, simple ones and hope that one for each of them even though Sammi isn't ready will help matters. It's been a challenge with my girl, she's as stubborn as both of us put together.

We no longer go through 4 gallons of milk, next is the pullups to go. Hopefully this will all help us budget everything out better. But first we need consistency.

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