Why Can't She Go?

My child is bright, my child is very indpendent, but yet I am having hell potty training her. She just plain isn't wanting to go. We have a new potty chair, one for each of the girls. One of the best things about this new chair is it makes noise when she goes potty. I think this is a break through when it comes to Kathleen. Not so much as bells and whistles, but she loves music, I mean LOVES music. So now her potty makes music when she goes to the bathroom. After she got it, she used it 3 times in 20 minuites just to hear its jingle. We've used it several times today with out much instruction from me. I am continually asking her but even I need a timer on that one. I am thinking I need to do a bit more with my potty training app I made for my PC. But it will probably be easier to do it online than with .net since I'm alot more well versed in php than C# lol.

Anyway, she goes potty in the chair, she dumps the bowl in the toilet, she flushes our toilet. The nurse at her doctor appointment told me that she needed to have others to follow, I'm not sure that's incentive enough for Kathleen. She can, she will and I know if we find the right incentive she'll have it down pat, she's smart and stubborn. I just need to find the right incentive for her. The chair was a good incentive, I'm glad I bought it. Now to finish the job.

I bought a 7 dollar ebook that supposedly teaches me to potty train in 3 days. I'll give it a go when this doesn't work but right now I'm trying this method.

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