Up at 3am

It is now 4:30am and my youngest is wide awake. She was wide awake at 3am but I didn't let us get out of bed until Shea had to go to work. So today I am up bright and early with one kid while the other sleeps on the living room floor. Don't be alarmed by that, that is Kathleen's normal sleeping spot lol. She doesn't sleep in a regular place, she either sleeps on the floor in her bean bag, on the couch or in her bed. All of which are fine by me as long as she's not sleeping in my room or in my bed and as long as she sleeps!

For Sammi to be up this early is odd, but once she is awake there is no putting her back to bed. At least not easily and I'm not going to fight it today since she'll likely take a nap early and we MIGHT get her back on schedule again. So yay for one small step to normalcy lol.

Kathleen's sleeping patterns will never be normal, my little insomniac.

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Published on September 30, 2015

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