Sleep patterns

I've been falling victim to sleepless nights. But really this isn't about me, I survive on what little sleep my body and the girls let me have most days. Samantha on the other hand has not readjusted to her normal routine. We've been out of sorts since Shea was home for Christmas.

Her biggest issue has been sleeping in and thusly not taking a nap and then getting overly cranky at 4pm and that's not nap time. So today I am going to try to readjust her clock. I woke her up at 7am, I will attempt nap time from 11:30 to 1p if that fails then we get up at 6am tomorrow. The only good thing about this is that Shea will be working so my alarm going off at 6am isn't going to bother him. Unless he doesn't work that is.

But Sammi needs her nap or she is just a bear and I don't mean a teddy bear. While she is cuddly at that time she is rather tempermental and bratty like lol. So I hope that I can reset her clock cause it's driving us all batty.

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