Doctors & biopsy

Jan 27th I had a biopsy done as the result of an abnormal pap. My doctor told it'd be back in a week, and to call him the following Monday as he wouldn't be in on Tuesday. So I followed his isntructions and called on Monday, they took my name, birthday and phone number and told me they'd call back. Since it wasn't suppose to be until the next day I only called that once. I didn't call Tuesday since the doctor wasn't in. But I continued to call Wed-Fri and Friday I called twice.

Today I called and did the same routine but explained that I had been calling for a week and no one had returned my call. When the nurse called me today she said they had to wait for the results to come in, um, why didn't you call me back and tell me that? Of course I didn't say that but it's like what the hell, I called you for results, you'd save your receptionists the trouble of taking my messages if you just told me that. But no you instead choose not to call and tell me this and make me and my family get upset over you not having the results. It nearly caused a fight between Shea and I for that matter. Because I refused to call back a third time on Friday.

Good news is that it came back negative for cancer so that's good news.

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