Just Wow!

First big wow, my baby girl will be two on Friday. It's been two years since she was born. And it's been just that long since our house was fully livable and yet it's still not finished. I don't think we'll ever finish putting the little things together - molding, ceiling fans in all the rooms. I'm just glad that both the girls have a decent room and that Kitkat doesn't mind having her room open to the world. I think she prefers it that way right now. Thankfully when we redid the house after Katrina we closed up the play room entrance with partial walls that make the entrance door sized so if we end up staying here we can close in her room and add a door. We specifically remodeled that room for that purpose. Though I don't think we intended to use it as such so soon, but the girls cannot sleep together in the same room. Sammi talks to herself and is a very good sleeper where Kitkat is not.

The second big wow has happened over the past several months. I've become a pretty avid watcher of my high school class and a few other areas and I have just reconnected with some old friends that some I have not talk to much since I left Colorado, most are from high school, but there are a rare few I've found from even elementary school which is awesome. It's really nice to be in contact with old friends and be able to keep up with their lives again. My only regret now from moving away is losing contact with some really great people but thanks to facebook I've found some a means of keeping in contact again. yay!

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Published on September 30, 2015

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Published on September 30, 2015