2 year appt

Sammi had her 2 year check up today. No real big concerns going in but some concerns coming out. Her paper habit isn't nothing big just have to keep an eye on her, she eats well so it's not a diet thing, that's good to know.

But she supposedly should be saying 2-3 word sentences now. I was worried about not having 50 words wasn't even considering sentences. But after reading some milestone charts online I'm not so overly concerned yet. We will work with her, but I think our biggest disadvantage is that her sister never stops talking so she can't get a word in edge wise and really doesn't care to try her sister speaks for her in most cases, and will even do the pointing some days.

Samantha is a smart kid I think I just don't think she has the chance to shine. I think that is where we need to work more on - giving her the soap box so to speak at times. But its hard to do with Kitkat around since she takes so much enegy to listen to and continue her chatter lol. One good thing that has developed is Shea's folks taking Kitkat on Saturday nights through Sunday afternoon taking her to church. Kitkat gets the other people and kid interaction and Sammi gets some one on one time with Mommy and Daddy. While I think they miss each other at times I think it's good for them too and hopefully the next time we can focus a bit more on Sammi the next weekend we share with her alone.

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