We are down to the last birthday party for my youngest. She's had 3 so to speak. We had one on her birthday with just cupcakes and a present. We had one for her and her sister and little cousins and we are having on Easter for Shea's family to lavish their attention on my little flirt lol.

Easter needs to be more about just eggs and candy so I've insisted to Shea that we go to church that Sunday, he doesn't have to go if he doesn't want to but me and the girls will be. It's not a problem as long as they have a normal service. There is no way I can make a sunrise service.

I know they are a bit too young to understand, but it begins traditions early and it enforces the sit still and be quiet rules that they so dearly need.

I am planning a small scavenger hunt consisting of three or four items around the house that Kitkat should be able to identify from some very vivid clues I plan to give her. It will result in them finding some color wonder marker sets and paper that they can then bring to church and not get all messy lol. I plan on hiding plastic eggs as well for them to find when they wake up, and of course easter baskets. We will be dying eggs the day before everyone but me likes hard boiled eggs so they will get eaten and Kitkat will enjoy coloring the eggs at the very least.

I think that after church they will be doing an easter egg hunt for the little ones then too. Not sure if they will at their grandparents house but you never know. We might hide a few for the girls Kitkat does enjoy looking for things and loves eggs.

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