Easters and Birthdays

Last night was a busy night for me. Not only did I have to bake a cake, I had a major migraine and a arts and crafts project to do with my little ones - dying easter eggs. Now Samantha wasn't interested, but then I didn't expect her be, she's not overly artsy unlike her sister who loves to color, even at 2 she loved the coloring of eggs, even if she didn't help much she still enjoyed it. Sammi, had no interest when she was told she couldn't play with the cups anymore.

But we had fun coloring eggs in three colors. I had taken my meds and I'd asked Shea to get caffiene and he picked up supper, by the time he and Kitkat got home with Daddy my head was better and I was able to finish the rest of the evening with the eggs and all that follows.

But the one thing I didn't do last night I knew I should have, but we got into Supernatural DVDs and I just didn't feel like it was put the basket together and hide the plastic eggs. Because as per norm Kathleen was up at 6am which was the time I was suppose to wake up. So I did my best to hide the process and she was surprised. I even managed to hide her coloring book with ease.

We had a crisis before leaving for Shea's folks house so we could get to church in time. The girls didn't sit through church well. Samantha had to visit all the men and then she wouldn't sit still. Kathleen would have behaved better if her sister wasn't there I think. We left early and waited for Sunday school to start. They had fun I think, Kathleen had her first trial with playdough, it went fairly well but as suspected Sammi's first thing when she got her hands on it was to eat it it. So we won't be having any at home for a while.

They hid easter eggs and Kitkat had a blast it took Sammi a while for her to understand the concept as she had no interest this morning when we went looking for eggs.

We went to Mam and Pawpaw's house and they enjoyed playing with the dogs and with a new ball for Sammi's birthday. I think the biggest hit was Samantha's Jack in the Box. She got Bolt, two baby dolls, a jack in the box, purse, glasses, and a ball. All of which her sister will probably enjoy more than she will. Sammi has no real interest in anything her sister doesn't already have in her hands with the exception of cars trucks and anything she can push. My girls are such total opposites - one girly and one tom boy at least thats how they are at this early age.

That was the last party, I've come to the realization that Sammi doesn't like fire and to be sang to, she didn't like the cake ritual again. Oh well, maybe next year will be better.

All in all it was a good day but I'm exhausted.

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