Mother's Day

I can't say that I had an awesome Mother's Day or even an eventful one. But it was probably one of the best I've had these last few years, mostly because my big girl actually took part in the little event Daddy put together.

Daddy let me sleep in, but Kitkat woke up early enough that he took her aside and to the computer and they sat down and made me an e-card. But this wasn't the best part!

Kathleen came into our room and woke me up. "Mommy it's Happy Mother's Day! Come see the polar bear hug." Granted I had no idea what she wanted me to see and she tried to show me but Daddy had already sent it to me via email. So we sat down at my computer and we watched the little animated bear give big hugs. It was cute. Shea told me that he let Kitkat type her own name (he had to show her of course but she did the pressing of buttons.)

I got three e-cards. It was a good day. I was tickled that she woke me up the way she did. It did make my morning.

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